Payment cards

  • Support for Visa and Mastercard in physical and virtual forms
  • Execution of all processes within the full card life cycle
  • Processing and authorisation of transactions in accordance with the requirements of payment organisations
  • Zgodność z wymogami Visa i MasterCard


    Ability to tokenize cards in Google Pay, Apple Pay and other portfolios.

  • Onboarding klienta

    Client registration

    Handling the process of client and card registration in ITCARD IT systems, through integration with external systems.

  • Raportowanie

    Compliance with the requirements of payment organisations and supervisory institutions

    ITCARD ensures compliance with local laws and regulations of international payment organisations.

  • Terminale Ikona

    3D Secure

    Securing online payments through additional authentication based on a certified Access Control Server

  • Bezpieczenstwo AML


    Fraud prevention (FDS), transaction monitoring (AML).

  • Rachunek w PLN

    Fintech In A Box

    We are a strategic partner of Visa in its card issuing programme for the fintech industry.

  • Karty w postaci fizycznej


    Full support for the production, customisation and dispatch of cards and PINs, as well as the implementation of authorisations, settlements and complaints handling.

  • Contact Center

    24/7 Contact Centre and remote access channels

    24/7 support for card users by experienced consultants together with with the possibility of managing cards through a web portal or a mobile application.

Guaranteed security of transactions

We ensure constant monitoring of transactions by processing data in secure IT systems using procedures that comply with the PCI DSS standard and the requirements of VISA and Mastercard.


  • ATMs and Cash Recyclers

    Full package of outsourcing services including: sale, installation, CIT, operation and maintenance of ATMs and transaction processing.

  • Online payments

    Comprehensive online payment solutions for transaction processing and back-office processes.

  • Payment cards

    Comprehensive service
    for the payment card life cycle.

  • POS terminals

    An application terminal that enables the acceptance of contactless payments directly on smartphones.