3D Secure

We provide services for leaders in the banking and fintech industry on the Polish market, with extensive experience in supplying the ACS database and migrating card records.

  • Integration of 3D Secure solution is performed through implementation of web service methods
  • The technology is implemented on the basis of certified Access Control Server (ACS)
  • Support for the latest 3DS SCA standard for VISA cards – verified by VISA and Mastercard Identity Check in compliance with EMVCo guidelines
Kłódka na kartach
Uwierzytelnianie przez aplikację mobilną

Mobile application authentication

We offer an ITCARD mobile application or use of an external partner’s server for the banking mobile application.

Ikona uwierzytelnianie sms

SMS password authentication

Securing online transactions using a one-time SMS password or a defined question and answer.

Ikona wzmocnienie bezpieczeństwa

Enhanced security of transactions

The 3D Secure protocol supplements the online payment authorisation procedure with an additional step to authenticate the identity of the payer.

Ikona autentykacji aplikacją mobilną

Authentication with a mobile application

Possibility to carry out the authentication process using a partner’s mobile application.

Risk Based Authentication

Authentication based on a set of rules and the frictionless flow use. We can implement the rules required by the partner and offer a set based on the experience and basis of actual authentications. Merchant whitelist A list of trusted merchants for whom strong authentication will not be necessary.

Merchant whitelist

A list of trusted merchants for whom strong authentication will not be necessary.


  • KYC + AML

    We carry out anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing procedures.

  • Contact Centre

    Modern multi-channel communication platform based on reliable ICT infrastructure.

  • 3D Secure

    Securing online payments through the use of additional authentication methods.

  • Certificates & Licences

    Certificates of conformity and licences to download.

  • Payment methods

    We support the most popular and modern payment methods, both online and at POS terminals or ATMs.

  • Monitoring transakcji

    Prowadzimy stały monitoring transakcji w celu oszacowania ryzyka oszustwa.

  • Settlements

    We offer complete E2E solutions, full support of back office and settlement processes and full clearance of transactions on ATM and REC self-service machines and POS payment terminals.

  • Security

    Best practices and the highest standards of security of devices, information systems and procedures.

  • Transaction and fraud monitoring

    We conduct ongoing monitoring of transactions in order to assess the risk of fraud.

  • Transaction processing and authorising

    Comprehensive handling of payment transactions adapted to the needs of the bank and its clients.